Rock Climbing Pictures and Rock Climbing Routes found in Utah

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Picture of Rock Climber Dave in Maple Canyon, Utah. Check out the Maple Canyon section to see pictures of other rock climbing routes found in Maple Canyon.


Dave is enjoying a fine climb in the Box Canyon area of Maple Canyon, Utah.




Another outstanding rock climbing route found in American Fork Canyon.



Mike is working the crux of a 5.10a in the Membrane area of American Fork Canyon. This is only his second time climbing ever. Go Mike!!!!!!!!


Picture of an unknown rock climbing route found in Spring Canyon, Utah

"Psycho" Bob Hicken making an extremely tough clip on an unknown climb (5.10c) in Spring Canyon, Utah. This sandstone is only an hour and a half from Salt Lake City and sports some extremely tough climbs.

Rock climbing routes found in Santiquin Canyon are on extremely sharp limestone similar to the rock found in Rock Canyon, Utah.



John Messick enjoying the cool temperatures and beautiful weather in Maple Canyon, Utah. The rock in the canyon resembles giant globs of concrete. Huge, polished stones and small pockets abound. The climbing experience is as unique as it gets. Be prepared to use all of your climbing skills and lots of balance to conquer the climbs. Definitely a stop for the serious climber.



Blake is tearing up a 5.11b in Santiquin Canyon, Utah. Information about this canyon has been hard to come by but the climbing is awesome. There are many routes that range from 5.10 up and never a crowd. When you first look at the canyon it doesn't look that promising. But a short drive up the canyon reveals some killer limestone walls. The climbing here is mostly over hung ledges and crimpers. The rock is sharp so expect your fingers to hurt after a serious day of climbing. Some tape may be in order. Since the beta on the canyon is scarce, KILLER CLIMBS recommends a trip to the local climbing store and asking one of the pros for info.





Ken Hirst is doing some KILLER ice climbing in the Ruby Mountains of northern Nevada.







Frank Stock is leading the 2nd pitch of The Bishop found in Southern Utah near Lake Powell. A fine crack up a sandstone pillar that looks very exciting. The route is rated as a 5.10d






Here's Curtis Turner climbing Private Pizza 5.9. The climb is found in the San Rafael Swell in southern Utah.









Ken is climbing Cannabis Crack 5.10c in American Fork Canyon, Utah





Bob is leading a tough trad climb in Lamoille Canyon near Elko Nevada in the Ruby Mountains




Marcos is enjoying an extremely tough Captain Bullet 5.13a/b and making the crux seem like just another pull-up. This fine route can be found in Maple Canyon, Utah.
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Lamoille Canyon

"..... and the climbing in Lamoille Canyon is as good as it gets! There are routes that are very similar those found on Yosemite and Joshua Tree."

        - Duane

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