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Picture of a rock climbing route found in American Fork Canyon, Utah.   This is Josh leading an awesome crack climb called Persona Non Grata a 5.10c found in the Unknown Pleasures area of American Fork Canyon in Utah. To find this rock climbing route and pictures of other rock climbing routes be sure to check out.......


     You can find rock climbing routes found in Utah and other areas including new rock climbing routes not found in rock climbing guide books. There are pictures of rock climbing routes found in American Fork Canyon, Big cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Maple Canyon, Mount Olympus, Parley's Canyon, Rock Canyon, and Spring Canyon.

Picture of a rock climbing routes found in Big Cottonwood Canyon.     Ken is making the 3rd pitch of the Corner Route, 5.8 on JHCOB Wall in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. The climbing is well worth the hike down and the view of the valley is spectacular. Definitely a climb not to be missed if you are in the Salt Lake City area. The climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon is on bullet proof rock that is full of ledges and cracks. A great place to find climbs that range from 5.7 to 5.13 some of which date back to the early days of rock climbing in the area.

      While in  Big Cottonwood Canyon be sure to check out the climbing on Narcolepsy Wall, The Aquaduct, Challenge Buttress and Standard Ridge.


Picture of a rock climbing route found in Maple Canyon, Utah.   Marcos is enjoying an extremely tough Captain Bullet 5.13a/b and making the crux seem like just another pull-up. This fine route can be found in Maple Canyon, Utah.

     Maple Canyon is home to some of the toughest rock climbing routes found anywhere. World renown for it's unique type of rock formations and the consistently hard climbing routes, the canyon sees visitors from all over the world. The canyon is narrow and most of the rock climbing is on the shady sides of the walls so climbing is great all summer long. While in Maple Canyon be sure to visit these walls! Bridge Area, Low Standard Cave, Rock Island, The Schoolroom.





     American Fork Canyon is home to some of the toughest climbing routes in the country. Hell cave has the first 5.14 in the country which has incredibly thin holds on a never ending roof. B-52 Wall is a 4 pitch climb with an amazing 2nd pitch that is exposed and exciting. Be sure to check it out!

 Steve is finding his way to the crux on Route 66 5.12a on Membrane wall in American Fork Canyon, Utah.





    Dennis is sticking to the amazingly smooth sandstone slabs in Spring Canyon. This 5.10a route is one of many fine routes found in this canyon. Located south of Salt Lake City only 85 minutes.

     This canyon is not to be missed if you are on your way to Lake Powell or Moab. There are routes that range form 5.6 to 5.12c.






     Matt is enjoying an easy V2 boulder problem in the desert of Southern Utah near Moab.

    Southern Utah has an amazingly vast amount of climbing routes. Moab is only 3 hours south of Salt Lake City and is only minutes away from some awesome sandstone climbing. Most routes are trad and a guidebook for the area is highly recommended. Potash Road takes you by crack after crack with incredible trad routes. A short drive up the Colorado River and you will find climbing routes that will take you to the top of tall sandstone buttresses and to some of the best views of the Colorado River.

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